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Marketing Tips From A Food Truck

Beast Food Truck

A food truck in Little Rock, Arkansas had the ingenious idea of selling their wares in gym parking lots. The owner of BEAST Food Truck, Gwen Jones (pictured above), advertises a Paleo-inspired menu using ingredients sourced from local farms. Who else would crave a Paleo Taco Salad more than someone right out of an hour long Crossfit session? There are a few things you can learn from their marketing strategy.

What Did We Learn Today?

Your social media presence should connect with customers. BEAST changes their menu according to the local produce they’ve collected and post their updates on Facebook. Makes sense right? Use only the mediums you need, cross post constantly, and only post what actually interests you and your customers. Post customer reviews on your social media pages to show how much you appreciate their feedback.

Admittedly, a food truck has the mobile advantage to get to their customers directly that other companies don’t. If only there was a way to brand market to your past customers who are most likely to return to you in the next 90 days–go here and click on “Campaigns” to find out how to do exactly that!



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