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How to Get The Most Out of Email Marketing

You've Got Mail

Recently, I’ve encountered more and more small business owners who do not collect emails from their customers. That is a big mistake! You are missing out on an incredibly low-cost avenue. If it’s a matter of not knowing what to send to engage your customers

Kevin Gao at Comm100 has some really great tips for how to craft engaging email content. An important take-away is to do the research on your customers and use that data to market effectively to them.

Below is a great infographic to give you an idea on how to format your thank you email for subscribers (also useful tips for post-service thank you emails):


Whatever you decide, focus your content not on what you would read but what your customers want to read. It seems like an obvious tip but it’s simple enough that most content creators forget it.

If you’re a Customer Lobby member, you can also throw in a custom invitation link to your reviews page in that thank you email to customers. 


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