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Winning Local Hearts: A Lesson from the Field


Customer Lobby got into game mode Tuesday night

My colleagues and I had a blast cheering for our Oakland A’s Tuesday night. Admittedly, it wasn’t their best game. But that didn’t stop us from having a great time and feeling the swell of local pride every time an Athletic stepped up to the plate.

Each good play and fan cam moment got us excited. They also made me think of a lesson in local love.

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Win or Lose, You Can Win Hearts

We’ve covered how every business loses customers, and how you can easily build your best cheer team.

It’s really important to remember that happy customers are more than just fair-weather fans. We’re all human – we could honestly strike out on a job, or run into a review stalker who just doesn’t want to play fair.

When you consistently show compassion and integrity as a business, you gain loyal fans. Your loyal fans Рa.k.a. your repeat customers Рare always happy to give back for great service. This comes in payment, but also in new positive reviews, more services sold for a lot less effort, and valuable trust.

NOTE: A lot of marketing services out there claim to reach your customers. Then they drop the ball with a one-size-fits-all approach for your unique business.

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