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Encourage Employees to Ask for Reviews

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I briefly advised in a previous post to encourage your employees to ask for feedback from customers. It can feel like an awkward request for technicians but it’s a roadblock faced by some of the clients I talk to.

The advice I have to impart is simply to monitor reviews that come in and let your employees know of great reviews that come in.

Customers will often mention the names of their technicians and the people they worked with in their reviews. So when a great reviews comes in mentioning your guys by name, let them know! Everyone loves positive remarks about the work they do. Letting your employees know about the comments that come in about them is a great way to encourage them to ask for reviews from future customers.

Employees in any business want to feel valued for the work they do and service they provide to customers. We at Customer Lobby get online reviews that, every now and then, mention their sales rep or customer service rep by name. It’s a great way to remind ourselves why we do what we do and why we work so hard to please our customers.

Ultimately, I hope business owners and the people that work tirelessly with them take a break to reflect on and appreciate how happy their customers are. You make people’s lives a little easier with seamless plumbing, a functional vehicle, or energy-saving windows. Keep up the good work!

*Above image from Wikihow entry how to build self-confidence.


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