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SEO is a Science

Periodic Table of SEO

SEO is a bit of a beast. Everyone has their own methods and strategies and gems to give out to anyone looking. If you’re like me, you like your information in one place, in visually appealing info-graphics that can print out nicely. Thankfully, the folks at Search Engine Land with Column Five Media have provided that very handy graphic and made a girl’s dream come true. Each “element” is a key ranking factor to consider in ensuring your efforts are on track.

It notes both On-The-Page and Off-The-Page SEO factors that help and hurt your performance with a question fixed to each allowing you to match your efforts against the table. Positive elements include crawl (Ac, “Can search engines easily ‘crawl’ pages on site?”) and negative factors include purchased links (Vp, “Have you purchased links in hopes of better rankings?”).

You can see a bigger PDF version of the table as well as a printable copy in the link above.

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