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Make the Most of this Independence Day Weekend


The fourth of July is a time for barbecue, patriotism, and fireworks. This also a time for last minute jobs over the weekend from panicked customers for those working through the holiday. Whether you’re out on the field or lucky enough to get the day off, here are some quick reads to help you make the most of this Independence Day weekend.

Nothing to Fear in Asking for Reviews – CustomerLobby Blog

Some of you are probably already in the middle of last minute home repairs for customers who need a smoothly running house in time for their 4th of July party on Saturday. Those of you running an auto repair shop will probably have customers towed in from the highway who were on their way to see extended family for the holiday. These are the customers you want feedback from the most and we’ve written extensively on the best ways to follow up with customers to do just that.

Weather Affects Reviews – CustomerLobby Blog

In some areas, the temperature can get up to three digits this weekend so keep in mind that some customers will be unhappy no matter what you do (unless you fix their AC of course). However, don’t fret the negative reviews that may roll in. As explained above, asking reviews from all your customers will generate more 4 and 5-star reviews so make sure you ask for feedback from those customers you saved from the sweltering heat without an AC.

11 Tips And Tricks That’ll Guarantee An Amazing Fourth Of July Cookout – Huffington Post

Before you go shopping for your Saturday cookout, considering some of these tips and recipes for having an amazing cookout this Independence Day. I can’t say I’d recommend putting macaroni and cheese on a hot dog but I’ve heard great things about grilled watermelon.

Tiny Hamster’s Fourth Of July BBQ – YouTube

Even members of the animal kingdom are celebrating the Independence of the USA with their own tiny barbecue. If you’re busy at work this weekend, feel free to celebrate vicariously through these adorable hamsters for a few minutes.

And with that, remember to stay safe and hydrated this 4th of July weekend!


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