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The First Step to Understanding Your Customers: Listen Up!

Understand your customer

Let’s face it. It’s hard to know your customers.

You’ve done a great job. Their car purrs like a kitten. The new tile in the bathroom sparkles in just the right way. The temperature control of their new HVAC system functions like a dream. But still, they might not come back to you. Next time there might be a better deal, a closer mechanic, or a new cleaning product on the market. It’s frustrating.

Every business wants to maximize the lifetime value of their customers. After all, it’s much less expensive to retain a customer than it is to find a new one (around 4-10x more expensive!). And it feels good knowing your standout service gets loyal customers coming back again and again. But how can you ensure that customers will keep coming back to you, or that you really — I mean REALLY — know what they want?


Know Your Customer’s Voice

With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, each customer has a wide social influence. More and more customers are using this referral power to promote their customer experiences, both positive and negative. We’ve all heard the horror stories. By tuning in and paying attention to what these customer are saying, you can strengthen your understanding of your business, and learn what your customers desire most.


Learn From Your Mistakes

Reviews are a great starting place to understanding what makes your business great. Or not so great. Don’t be afraid to use your customer’s voice to recognize where you need to change. Negative experiences, when quickly fixed, can make a customer even more loyal to a business. Use the bad experience to your advantage. Gain a loyal customer, and turn that review into a marketing asset. Tell everyone how you made it right. Keep doing it right in the future!


Understand Your Strengths

Paying attention to your negative reviews, and correcting bad company habits in response, is only part of the picture. Read your positive reviews too! Do your customers love that you wash their car after servicing it? Are they thrilled that you wore booties when fixing their bathroom sink? Did they swoon when they saw your popcorn machine in the waiting room?

These small gestures that get people excited can help you know your customer and guide your business in the future. Don’t overlook your great feedback. Listen up and use it to your advantage. Understand your customer’s voice, and you will begin to understand your customer.


P.S. Customer Lobby has a standing offer to help you write a response to a negative review – no matter where you receive that review, and even if you are not our customer. Take us up on this offer, we would love to help!



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