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10 Things Customers Love About You

10 Things Customers

An entire team at Customer Lobby is dedicated to talking to the customers of our clients. What keeps your customers happy? Our team identified 10 traits that will make your business stand out.

[name of the team members who contributed the attribute in brackets]

1. Flexibility

[Karishma, Sandy, Bison]

This one is pretty straightforward. If a customer has a job, and you work really hard to figure out how to accommodate them on short notice, the customer remembers it. But what happens if you can’t see them? Offering workarounds, or helping the customer out before the service date, also demonstrates flexibility. And customers will love you for it.

2. Being on Time  

[Karishma, Jess]

Right in line with Flexibility, another big point for customers is prompt/timely service. “On time” is one of the most frequently quoted lines in positive reviews for service businesses. It really matters. If you give a customer a time, stick to it. If you can’t, for any reason, make sure you tell them.

3. Communication

[Caitlin, Gary]

As one team member put it, “Open doors make customers happy.” This applies both literally and figuratively. Do you give your customers clear expectations? Do you follow up with them right away, or perhaps check in before they even need service? This type of proactive and open communication makes customers feel amazing – because they understand what to expect from you. Keep your doors open, and give your customers a clear line of communication directly to you.

4. Education


Something our team hears a lot from excited customers is how grateful they are when a business takes the time to explain long-term maintenance. Or imparts tricks to make services/products last longer. The customer recognizes that you have more knowledge about this than they do, and they appreciate any tips you can provide. Bonus: this also makes the customer feel like they matter to you.

5. Showing the customer they matter


Every customer wants to know that they are important to you. A customer doesn’t automatically realize that you appreciate them. It must be demonstrated. As an example: customers love being introduced to the partner or owner of the business. If this happens, they will almost always mention it when talking to us. Why? It makes them feel like they matter.

6. Honesty


Make sure that you do what you say. If you quote something at $100, don’t charge $120. Customers remember. If there has to be a change in price or service, clearly outline the difference and then allow the customer time to make their own decision. If something goes wrong, communicate it openly! Honesty, even when it’s uncomfortable or hard, is what keeps customers coming back.

7. Going Above and Beyond


Along with “on time,” “going above and beyond,” is probably the most often said phrase when a satisfied customer gives a positive review. Of course, this seems a little vague. What does “going above and beyond’ really mean? Examples are:

  • getting it done early
  • throwing in some type of freebie
  • thoroughly educating the customer
  • leaving it cleaner than you found it

However you decide to provide exceptional service to your customers, remember, make it feel special. They will recognize the extra effort.

8. Cleanliness


Do you wear boot covers when walking into clients’ homes? Do you clean up their car when you finish? If you do, we probably hear about it. Customer can’t always tell immediately if the large job you just did for them will work out the way they think it will. But they can be impressed by how neatly you left their house when you are done. Impress them. Be clean.

9. Friendliness

[Jordan, Gary]

This is a big one. And one that seems obvious. It’s very important. Customers watch not only how you treat them, but also how others around them are treated. How do you handle an irate customer? Your other calm customers are watching how you deal with it. The accumulation of everything they see about you decides how friendly they find your business. Make sure to stand out.

10. Building Relationship


All 9 of the last points build up to the final aspect that keeps customers coming back to you: relationship. When you communicate with them in a friendly and open manner, keep your word, and treat them as though they matter to you, you have a loyal customer. Why? Because you have a great relationship with your customer. You know them, and they value that. This is the key, and what every business should strive for.


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