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Maximize Email Capture: When and How to Ask for Email Addresses

5 Tips to Maximize Email Capture

Do you have a hard time getting emails from your customers? If you are anything like the majority of service businesses, you have emails from less than 30% of your customer base. That’s not great. And all of us know the importance of email. After all, it remains most people’s preferred mode of communication. If you still have a clipboard at the register with a slow growing list of customer emails, you may want to switch it up.

How can you increase your percentage of email capture? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use a form

If you already have customers filling out paperwork, simply include email addresses as a necessary line. While some people might still skip it, you will probably be pleasantly surprised by how many people will willingly fill it in.

2. Ask directly after service

If you don’t have any paperwork that a customer needs to fill out, and are nervous about simply asking for an email address upfront, try asking directly after service. You’ve done a great job. You and your customer have established rapport. It will be much easier at this point to ask for an email. The trick to this one? Make it personal. Don’t simply show them the form. Ask directly and fill it out yourself.  

3. Ask during the job

This one works well if you have a long service/sales cycle. After establishing a connection with your customer, offer email as an alternative method of communication. Many people are busy with work, and may not always want to answer phone calls. Giving them the option to switch to email shows that you respect their time and can be flexible. Not only does this increase your email capture, it delights your customers and sets the tone for your continued communication.   

4. Start a discount club

People love discounts. Let customers know you offer deals through email, and invite them to join the club. Not only does this provide value to your customers, it makes them feel special. To do this successfully you must follow up and provide real value.

5. Give a compelling reason

Whatever method of email capture you choose to use, the most important aspect of getting customer email addresses is to provide a compelling reason for asking. Communicate with your customer. Set appropriate expectations. Let them know how you will be using their email, and why you want it.


Try a few of these methods. Combine them in new ways, and invent your own. Be creative. The most important aspect of asking for emails is to be authentic. Make sure you provide value. Be honest with what you are going to do with it. And get rid of your register clipboard.  


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