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Learn How to Communicate Effectively with Customers

Customer Communication

You’ve just finished a job for a customer. It’s perfect. You’re tickled pink by the way it turned out. As you show your favorite customer your work with pride, you notice a certain disgruntled look. Oh no. Somehow this is not what they were expecting. You just became the newest victim of Miscommunication (and so did your customer!).

It’s tough to be misunderstood. And it’s even worse when it’s a customer you care about. In difficult or important moments, how can you be sure you are communicating effectively? One great way to make sure your customer understands you is to target their learning style.

Use Learning Styles to Enhance Communication

Most people learn best using one of 3 learning styles. Make sure to use all 3 styles when communicating with customers. That way no matter what learning style someone has, you can ensure they understand your service.  

1. Visual

  • Visual learners need to see what you are talking about to best understand your information.

Tip: Consider using diagrams, bullet points of information, and written descriptions of services to target your visual learners. In online communications try to include images to engage the visual learner’s interest.

 2. Auditory

  • Auditory learners need to hear you explain your services out loud. They will also probably want to summarize what you’ve said back to you.

Tip: Don’t just hand out a pamphlet. Make sure you have a well thought out script to describe what you are doing. This way an auditory learner can hear you talk about your product. On your website try to include videos to target auditory learners.

3. Kinesthetic

  • Kinesthetic learners are often very hands-on. They want to touch products and watch services to really get to know what is happening. This might be the hardest learning style to target. However, finding clever ways to include kinesthetic communications in your services is sure to impress.

Tip: Consider bringing along parts or samples directly related to the job you are going to do for your customer. This way kinesthetic learners will be able to easily understand what you are planning for service.

3 Methods Of Communication

Even though we tend towards one dominant learning style, having all 3 styles in communication benefits everyone. Why? Because most people need a few passes before they truly understand a new concept. Targeting 3 learning styles means that you are also communicating the information multiple times. This decreases the likelihood of misunderstanding. Which increases customer delight.

Remember, as a service business you have expert and valued knowledge in an area your average customer knows little about. But they would love to learn. Be an educator. Take the time to figure out ways to communicate effectively with your customers. Not only will they value your effort to communicate, they will gain new appreciation for the work you do. Sounds, looks, and feels like a win-win.  


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