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6 Creative Ways to Leverage Customer Reviews

Celebrate Customer Reviews

At Customer Lobby, every time we get a positive review we celebrate. We glow for the rest of the day. Knowing that your hard work pays off for your customers in meaningful ways always feels great. In order to keep that glow going, and gain a loyal following, here are 6 ways to get the most out of positive reviews.

1. Use Reviews in Online Ads

Aimee Millwood, on Social Media Examiner, wrote an article about using customer reviews in Facebook ads. A great DIY Facebook advertising article on it’s own, it makes such a compelling argument that it would be worth it to try this in other forms of online advertising as well. While great copy and compelling images can do a lot to attract attention, well placed social proof takes your ad to the next level.  

Tip: Running Google Ads? Here’s a help article outlining how to highlight third-party reviews.

2. Create Videos Highlighting Employee Achievements

Customers often mention specific employees by name. Not only does this make your business look great, but it’s a well-earned pat on the back for your employee. This is a great time to showcase a review as much as possible – because it’s no longer just about you.

A fun way to get the most out of these types of reviews is to make a short video.

Some ideas:

  • read the review directly to your highlighted employee and film their reaction
  • have the highlighted employee read the review directly and/or tell the story behind the great review
  • do a short thank you video directly to the customer from the highlighted employee

While this may take a bit more time than some of the other options on this list, it can be well worth it. Videos and video links boost SEO and drive customer engagement. This gives your business a big boost in personality and accessibility to your customers.

Tip: Free (and paid) services like Wistia can help you host/edit videos for your business.

3. Include Reviews in Marketing Collateral

In addition to adding reviews in online ads and creating videos, use customer reviews in other marketing collateral. Sending a mailing? Embed customer reviews. Creating a flier? Include customer reviews and where to find them online. Own your customer feedback. Even a negative review can end up as marketing gold.

When we send targeted Postcard campaigns for our customers we always include snippets of their great customer reviews. It looks slick, shows social proof, and builds interest. Consider following this practice in all aspects of your marketing efforts.   

4. Start Conversations on Social Media

Sometimes customers provide feedback of epic proportions. Maybe you helped them out of a dire plumbing situation, or rescued them while they were stranded on the road. When they write reviews about these experiences they are worthy of more attention.

Did a customer have a particularly compelling story in their review? Or did they mention a funny tidbit of information? Share it on your social media sites, and ask if others have had similar unfortunate, yet salvaged experiences. Make sure to thank your customer and be tactful with the type of information you share.

5. Generate Blog Posts

Do your customers talk about certain aspects of your service or product often? That probably means other potential customers would like to know about this information as well. Read all your customer reviews, and then take the opportunity to write up interesting articles that explain those products and services. Remember to link back to your great reviews.

6. Direct Product Feedback and Development

In our reviews, customers often talk about ease of use and the dissemination of their reviews across the web. Whenever we roll out new products, ease of use remains our most important feature. And we are constantly trying to find new and better ways to get our customers reviews around the web.

Reviews like this one help us focus on what our customers love most about our service.

Reviews like this one help us focus on what our customers love most about our service.

What do your customers value? Find out by listening to what they say in your reviews. What do your customer talk about when they praise your service? Take this feedback into consideration when making decisions for your business.   


Though customer reviews are incredibly valuable as marketing material, they often remain one of the most underutilized tools. However, proper management will increase engagement and build loyalty with your customers. With some creativity and minor adjustments you can begin to truly get the most out of your customer reviews.


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  1. Its absolutely true that customer reviews can easily make or break a brand’s popularity and there’s no better way for businesses to get insights and feedback on their performance than straight from the horse’s mouth (their customers).

  2. This should definitely be stress more than enough because all these tips are relevant and plausible and useful for business men who are aiming for the success of their brands. I love this. Hopefully I can read more tips and tricks like this from you and more power!