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4 Hidden Gems in Your Customer Lobby Account

Hidden Gems

Our Member Services Team spends A LOT of time talking to our customers. They answer questions, they help configure accounts, and they educate about the great things our service does. However, our entire team has noticed that a few Customer Lobby features are often neglected – even when we tell people about them!

So here they are, 4 “hidden gems” within our service that our Member Services Team wished more customers would take advantage of:

1. Appointment Requests

Did you know that we can put a button on your Customer Lobby reviews page that allows your customers to request an appointment with you? Well, now you do.

This feature adds one more great place to allow your customers/leads to contact you. When they submit a request, it is automatically emailed to you so that you can contact that potential customer and set up an appointment or estimate.

Our customers who use this feature love it – and for good reason. Capturing information quickly and efficiently (when the potential customer reads your reviews and is convinced of your great service) makes it that much easier to gain new revenue.

2. Private Feedback

Every time a customer leaves you a review with Customer Lobby, they have the option to leave private, unpublished comments. Not every reviewer takes advantage of this, but some do. However, we have noticed that many of our customers never check that section of their account.

Here’s how to access it:

  • Go to your left sidebar
  • Click “Reviews”
  • Select “Feedback”
Here’s how to find private feedback your customers have left for you.

Here’s how to find private feedback your customers have left for you.

Remember, it’s important to listen to what your customers are telling you – and here’s an additional way to do so.

3. Negative Review Support

We offer all our customers (and even non-customers!) free support when they receive negative reviews. Not only will our Member Services Team talk to you about your management options, they will also help you draft a response!

We take authentic, customer reviews very seriously, and we want all of our clients to feel supported when responding to less than positive feedback. If you are worried about a review, give us a call.

4. Direct Connect

Direct Connect is custom software we build to automate our customers’ reviews process. We directly connect into your invoicing software, and when a customer transacts with you we will automatically send them a review invitation.

Not only does this get you WAY more reviews than before, but it also saves you time. Now you don’t have to upload every customer you want to contact. Worried about the automated invitations? Turn that portion off – that way customers will be preloaded into your account, and you can choose which ones to invite (however, we strongly suggest inviting everyone).

We currently support over 70 invoicing systems. If you have a system we don’t connect with yet let us know. We want to support every customer we can.


We want to make sure we offer stellar support to all our customers. If you need help navigating your Customer Lobby account, call our Member Services Team (866-718-9549 ext 3). They can walk you through your features to make sure you are getting the most value out of your account possible.


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