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Local Service Businesses Industry Reports: Q3 2015

Local Service Industry

At Customer Lobby, we truly believe that local service businesses need more information about their customers and current industry standards. That’s why we recently used data from more than $4 billion in sales from over 10 million consumers in the United States and Canada to analyze local service business trends.

Do you know how your business stacks up against your competitors? Now you can. Based on data from thousands of local service businesses that we work with in North America, Customer Lobby has compiled industry-specific quarterly insights that will help you keep pace with your peers.

Each report includes:

  • Pricing trends
  • Lifetime value of a customer
  • Number of transactions per customer
  • Revenue percentage from repeat vs. new customers
  • Number of days between transactions

Download the report for free and compare your business to the industry averages. If you need help evaluating your own metrics, we will run a free analysis for you.

We currently have reports for 4 Industry verticals:

Feel free to download the Q3 2015 report that fits your industry, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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