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Who reads customer reviews?

Who reads reviews anyway

The BrightLocal’s 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey has been out for awhile, and as usual, it’s jam-packed with interesting data. However, perhaps more intriguing is their follow up report, 97% of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews to judge a local business. As the name suggests, they took their Local Consumer Review Survey and analyzed it by age.

Why is this important?

Breaking up consumer behavior by age allows businesses to start narrowing their marketing efforts to correctly target their preferred customers. Even if your customer base has a huge age range, understanding how each group acts can allow your business to smartly market to each group in the most effective manner. Still don’t believe it matters? Read this article on understanding your target market.

Key Takeaways:

  • 92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses (up from 88% in 2014)
  • 97% of the 18-34 age bracket read online reviews to judge a local service business
  • 40% of consumers suggested that they only need to read 1-3 reviews

While it’s no surprise that younger age brackets use customer reviews more frequently when choosing a local business, it’s important to note that 86% of the 55+ age bracket also read customer reviews. Reviews continually drive purchasing decisions for consumers. And depending on the perceived authenticity of the reviews, the type of business being reviewed, and how many reviews there are, many consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

  • 87% of consumers age 18-34 have reviewed a business on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+
  • Younger consumers (18-34) are more likely to review a business on many channels
  • Older consumers are more likely to recommend a business via word of mouth

If you have younger customers, try asking them to review you on whatever site you need the feedback most — they will probably feel comfortable using the review software. If you have older customers, consider asking for personal recommendations and direct them to whatever channel is easiest to utilize. While age generalization doesn’t hold true for each individual customer, it gives you a great place to start.     


Take the time to look over the full report. Understand the reviewing behavior of your customers. Finally, make sure your review gathering efforts align with your customers, and that you regularly receive new reviews.


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  1. Well done, great article. I love how you actually targeted who actually reads the review. In that way, people will be aware, especially business men as to how their reviews can be appealing to other people. Great Job! I love it. I hope to read some of this soon.