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Encourage Employees to Ask for Reviews

I briefly advised in a previous post to encourage your employees to ask for feedback from customers. It can feel like a

Diversify Your Customer Reviews

"Don't put your eggs all in one basket" is my favorite idiom for it's irony. I'm not exactly sure why you'd want to trave

One Size Does Not Fit All: Choose Marketing That Fits You

Both luckily and unfortunately for small business owners, there are a lot of options for going about local marketing. The u

Nothing to Fear in Asking for Reviews

Recently, I've found I encounter more and more clients who are afraid of asking their customers for reviews. There is a lot o

How to Get The Most Out of Email Marketing

Recently, I've encountered more and more small business owners who do not collect emails from their customers. That is a bi

Marketing Tips From A Food Truck

A food truck in Little Rock, Arkansas had the ingenious idea of selling their wares in gym parking lots. The owner of BEAST

Easy Website Tweaks To Capture More Leads

One of my biggest roles as an account manager at Customer Lobby is making sure our clients get as many new customers as pos

How to Exceed Mobile Readiness to Mobile Superiority

Google's algorithm update intended to reward "mobile-ready" sites is right around the corner and we've covered how to ens

Don’t Call It A Comeback

...Even though it kind of is. Six years after discontinuing its publication, CBS News reports that JC Penney has announced