Marketing Tips From A Food Truck

May 7th, 2015 By Jasmine Reynolds

Beast Food Truck

A food truck in Little Rock, Arkansas had the ingenious idea of selling their wares in gym parking lots. The owner of BEAST Food Truck, Gwen Jones (pictured above), advertises a Paleo-inspired menu using ingredients sourced from local farms. Who else would crave a Paleo Taco Salad more than someone right out of an hour long Crossfit session? There are a few things you can learn from their marketing strategy.

What Did We Learn Today?

Your social media presence should connect with customers. BEAST changes their menu according to the local produce they’ve collected and post their updates on Facebook. Makes sense right? Use only the mediums you need, cross post constantly, and only post what actually interests you and your customers. Post customer reviews on your social media pages to show how much you appreciate their feedback.

Admittedly, a food truck has the mobile advantage to get to their customers directly that other companies don’t. If only there was a way to brand market to your past customers who are most likely to return to you in the next 90 days–go here and click on “Campaigns” to find out how to do exactly that!


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Easy Website Tweaks To Capture More Leads

April 30th, 2015 By Jasmine Reynolds


One of my biggest roles as an account manager at Customer Lobby is making sure our clients get as many new customers as possible with their online representation. If you have a website for your business, this is the central online representative of your company and brand. The good news is that your website does not need to win design awards–it just needs to be functional. Here are a few things to consider and mistakes to avoid in ensuring your future leads have a good experience navigating your website.

Broken Links

This is a basic mistake found on many websites that screams of neglect. Having links that go nowhere or to pages that are still filled with its prescribed Latin filler can frustrate visitors to your website. Broken links can also negatively affect your ranking on sites like Google and Bing. The good news is that there are a ton of free tools available that can check for broken links for you. When installing a new theme, make sure you take a thorough tour around your site to make sure all the pages are formatted properly.

Too Pretty

Yes, there is such a thing. Your website has so many fun animations, crazy fonts, and hi-res images that people have no idea where they even are. That layout that makes your website look like a magazine sure is fun but the average consumer looking for plumbing services are not going to know what’s going on. You want your brand to be memorable but…for the right reasons. When choosing a theme, remember that less is more. You want to wow consumers with how easy it is get around your website. The website is for their needs, not yours.

Call to Action

If you’re a storefront, how can customers contact you? Is a phone number or contact form prominent? If you’re a Customer Lobby customer, we have a nifty little Appointment widget where people coming to scope out your site and request appointments with your business. You can see it here on the website of Eco Choice Carpet Cleaning who has it prominently on their landing page above the fold. Your phone number, ways to contact you, and any sort of Call to Action should be in an eye-catching position.


As I mentioned above, the main objective of a business’s website is to provide information to the consumer. You are selling some type of service and they are considering your business for those exact services. Your website is the doorway to the doorway of your shop and any time spent to ensure it’s clean and clear as possible is time well spent.

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Keep Calm…There’s an App for That

April 29th, 2015 By Kelsey Brown

keep calm

Apple’s recent numbers show a continuing trend for the company: iPads just aren’t flying off the shelves like they once did. In fact, the number of iPad sales decreased 23% from a year ago.

CEO Tim Cook isn’t worried, though. He says he’s definitely not pulling the iPad even though it seems stuck in the shadow of fellow Apple products like iPhone and Mac.

According to Geekwire, “Part of that confidence stems from Apple’s partnership with IBM, which is focused on generating enterprise-specific apps for Apple products and selling them to businesses.”

Latest iOS and Android App for Reviews

Asking customers for online reviews can be tough (here’s how to master it anyway). The best time to ask is right after service, when happy customers have a lot of fresh reasons to recommend your business.

We recently released an app that makes it easy for you or your staff to get more reviews when meeting face-to-face with customers.

iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, desktop computers – we cover all of them.

Current Customer Lobby members using Plus or higher can get the apps right now:

Get iOS App


Get Android App

Not a member yet? Give us a call at (510) 230-0588 for 5 free reviews.

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Free Marketing Kit for Your Business

April 22nd, 2015 By Kelsey Brown

time is money

Customer Lobby’s Direct Connect system is automatically getting local businesses in core service industries great customer reviews and more repeat revenue after every sale.

Call us at (510) 230-0588 and get:

  1. Free Direct Connect evaluation for your business.
  2. 5 free customer reviews to keep.
  3. Custom-designed repeat marketing plan.


Customer Lobby tracks spend, revenue, and ROI all in one place.

More Info on…Great Reviews

Direct Connect integrates with your billing system to eliminate the manual process of asking your customers for reviews. When you complete a transaction, your happy customer is automatically asked for a review.

Customer Lobby broadcasts reviews on Google, 15 major directories, social media, and more to get you found first.

More Info on…Higher Revenue

Direct Connect builds insights around your transaction data over time. We send postcards and followup emails with dynamic content that’s customized for your business to a targeted selection of your existing customers using this hard data – not guesstimates.

Upgrading to a targeted approach and tying marketing dollars spent to dollars returned reduces cost by 40 – 50% on average.

Give us a call at (510) 230-0588.

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How to Exceed Mobile Readiness to Mobile Superiority

April 16th, 2015 By Jasmine Reynolds

Green extra mile sign

Google’s algorithm update intended to reward “mobile-ready” sites is right around the corner and we’ve covered how to ensure that your site doesn’t get penalized for not catching up. If you’re already prepared, here are couple of things you can do to be the high achiever in mobile-readiness.

Social Media Updates

Social media sites have been rolling out with new features and partnerships lately that can really have a positive impact on your outreach to customers. Facebook now allows you to embed videos on other sides without the need of third-party plug-ins or services. This is great news if your video marketing is primarily through Facebook’s platform. Twitter and Google are also working together in putting tweets live in Google search results. This is something to look out for if you use Twitter for content marketing but also to manage your brand reputation (see what customers say about you). The lesson here is to be vigilant. Stay on top of what these sites have to offer and you can stay ahead of the competition.

Create a Mobile App

If you really want to get ahead of the competition, you can make your own mobile app. It can be an expensive and difficult process but customers are more comfortable navigating an app rather than a mobile site for shopping. I personally use an app to navigate not only Amazon and Ebay but clothing retailers as well like DSW and Modcloth. All have fine mobile sites but an app has an ease of use and customer service aspect that’s tough to beat. You can utilize an app for scheduling and customer service-related inquiries as well as setting reminders for customers to return when service is needed again. It’s definitely something to consider as it’s not something most local businesses are utilizing yet.

Make sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to always get the latest updates and developments to make sure you’re always going the extra mile.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

April 9th, 2015 By Jasmine Reynolds

The Spring catalog is on display at the J.C. Penney store in Westminster

…Even though it kind of is. Six years after discontinuing its publication, CBS News reports that JC Penney has announced the return of their “Big Book” catalog. In an era where online shopping is rising, why would a business return to such an “analog” endeavor? They understand the behavior of their customers and made direct mail work for their particular industry. So much so, that even e-based online retailers like Bonobos has adopted the traditional print catalog after successful testing. They found that customers who received a catalog spent 1.5 times more than new customers who hadn’t. The benefits they found in mixed-channel marketing to their past customers can inform how your own business might use print publications in retaining and increasing repeat business.

Make Direct Mail Work For You

The most important aspect of launching a direct mail campaign is understanding your customer base. Who is more likely to return and when? Then, tailor the messages sent to those customers to remind them of the services they need and how you can provide them. The effectiveness of any direct mail campaign is identifying who will more likely respond to your efforts. Customer Lobby has a great communications product that can tell you who those customers are and then tailor your marketing to them that you can try out for free here to see for yourself.

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Do This Because It’s 7x Cheaper

April 7th, 2015 By Kelsey Brown

There are actually three reasons local businesses need to market to past customers. We’ll start with that huge, titular reason:

1) Keeping Customers Is 7x Cheaper Than Getting New Ones

If you’re spending any money on advertising, you’re already living this statistic. You can retain the happy customers you already have at 1/7 the cost of trying to attract brand new people.

Do This: Get new business from your existing customers’ great reviews and glowing recommendations online. Customer Lobby helps businesses get more online reviews from happy customers, which is the best way to establish trust with your prospects today.

2) Repeat Customers = 65 – 80% of Revenue for Businesses

Customer Lobby has been working with local businesses in core service industries since 2008. In all this time, we’ve found that repeat business makes up a dramatic majority of revenue for businesses providing painting, plumbing/HVAC, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, auto repair, or home maintenance services.

If you’ve ever sent out holiday cards, magnets, calendars, email reminders, or anything similar to customers who used you before, you recognize the value of repeat customer revenue. That recognition is important, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t save your business from sinking.

Do This: Try the best repeat customer marketing program available today – for free, zero obligation. Instead of dumping your past customers into generalized buckets, we look at your customer data to make accurate predictions on who to target, when, and with what postcard and email messages.

We show you who comes back, what day, what message they got, and how much money they spend when they come back. We wrap everything around a 300% money-back ROI guarantee.


3) Big Companies are Aggressively Poaching Your Customers

Today more than ever, big companies with bigger reach are aggressively trying to steal your customers. All. The. Time. You might get hit yourself. Companies like Groupon, Livingsocial, and Amazon are now selling services and gobbling up more real estate online every day.

Now more than ever, you need to remind existing customers that you’re the right choice for them – every time.

Do This: Get new insights into your business and your customers’ lifecycles in just 24 hours. Customer Lobby helps thousands of local businesses hold onto their customers to drive higher margin services.

This isn’t a one size fits all system that only hopefully works. We track everything. You see exactly what’s working to bring your customers back sooner and keep them coming back.

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Google’s Pac Map

April 1st, 2015 By Kelsey Brown

In the spirit of April Fools’, you can play Pac-Man on Google Maps right now. Please enjoy Customer Lobby’s detailed technical guide to improving your next break.


1) Go to Google Maps.

2) Choose where to play

orange arrow

We’re playing near Arizona Painting Company, a business in Chandler, AZ that is getting 5-star reviews and 12x ROI automatically with Customer Lobby. Study- Arizona Painting Company

3) Click Pac-Man in the bottom left corner.

4) Don’t let the ghosts get you!!

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In with the New: Big Spring Updates at Customer Lobby!

March 26th, 2015 By Kelsey Brown

Customer Lobby has worked closely with local businesses since 2008 to help them take control of their online reputations with great new reviews. Over the last year, we’ve tested and released a new product that helps local businesses get their existing customers back sooner.

Here’s what we’re up to…

New Releases: Spring 2015


Postcards for email

Customer Lobby has the best repeat customer marketing product available today.

This is the only system that’s fully customized for individual businesses. Get your free business analysis in 10 minutes, and see what owners and managers we’re working with right now are loving about it:

Study – Ace Plumbing, Heating & Air with 56x ROI

Study – Prime Time Window Cleaning with 46x ROI

Partnership Webinar


Customer Lobby’s Partner Network provides support for a wide array of Partners ranging from developers to marketers, associations to Web agencies, and more (see how to join the Partner Network here).

Current Customer Lobby Partners are invited to join us on Thursday, April 9th at 10:00am to see Campaigns in action.


Check out our new video on to learn more about what we’re doing for thousands of local businesses, and stay tuned for more updates next month…

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Google Announcement: Mobile Wins

March 10th, 2015 By Kelsey Brown


Businesses need to make mobile engagement easy for their customers. This isn’t necessarily shocking news in today’s market, but leave it to Internet giant Google to make the big waves with its recent announcement:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

In other words, mobile is winning and is about to create noticeable change in the landscape of Google Search results.

So, What Should You Do?

Be ready on April 21st by making sure your business’s online reputation is as mobile-friendly as possible. This is a good move for local business owners far beyond April. By this time last year, 58% of adults in the U.S. used smartphones (42% for tablet computers), and user growth isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.


Check how your business’s site looks on mobile devices with Google Developers’ help, here.

Mobile friendly test

If your results indicate it’s time for a website makeover, you can find more helpful information on getting started from Google Developers on this page  – including how to find the right developer if you want to use that option.

For Customer Lobby Subscribers, Get More…

REVIEWS: Capture reviews from 100% of  your happy customers with your mobile-friendliness. Customer Lobby has released a new app that lets you or your staff get reviews on-site and face-to-face with customers who want to give back for great service.

Download the app here (iOS) or here (Android) if you’re a Plus account holder or higher. If you aren’t yet, get in touch with us to learn more!

OPTIMIZATION: Your Customer Lobby account dashboard shows you where traffic to your page is coming from, broken down by source. Anything over 20% coming from Google is great because it means your business is dominating Google Search results.

Consistently updated customer review content is still imperative to a competitive ranking on Google. Each review Customer Lobby gets for your business has a unique URL and is verified by Google for stronger ranking. Plus, we publish each review to 15 major directories to boost your business’s listings even more.

If you’re already a member, visit Reviews – Dashboard in your account for a real-time look at how your reviews are doing on Google.

google check


REACH: We have a new product specifically designed for local businesses. We know every business is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all optimized solution for reaching out to your current/repeat customers.

Our new product is a set it – forget it tool that helps you reach your current customers smarter.

We look at your data to predict which customers are most likely to need your service again soon. Then we send a series of customizable postcards and emails with the look and feel of your business.

Postcards for email

From there, we show you which customers come back and  how much money they spend for trackable, guaranteed results month after month. Get in touch to see what we’re doing for business owners and how it’s unique to what you may be trying right now.

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